1.Can I get samples?

Yes, you can order FREE samples to know the approx. size of the pouch for your product.

2. How to calculate my correct pouch size?

To calculate the pouch size , kindly click on the below video.

3. What is the payment option?

We accept major credit card, debit card, net banking. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and Cash on Delivery.

4. What is your dispatch time?

Order placed is dispatched within 24 hours.

5. Are the packaging materials food grade?

Yes, we provide food grade packaging which ensures food safety, prevents spoilage, protects the food once wrapped from potential contaminants.

6. How do I seal my pouch?

You need a manual heat sealing machine. Fill the bag with desired contents (avoid getting any product into zipper area and do not over fill the bag). Gently run your fingers across the zipper to close the bag securely. Place the top of the filled bag between the seal bars, just “above the tear notches’. Press down gently for approximately 2-3 seconds and release

7. Why Should I Heat Seal the Bags?

• Provides an air-tight environment for your product.
• Keeps food products fresher longer and adds to the shelf life.
• Provides a tamper-evident seal.

8. What are the additional charges apart from the product cost?

Additional charges apart from the product cost are GST 18% and COD charges. Shipping is FREE.

9. Do you do custom printing?

Yes, we do rotogravure printing. MOQ is 30000-40000pcs. For Custom printing, Please contact at 8595945193.

10. How will I get to know my shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE. Only COD charges are applicable

11.Can I claim Gst input?

Yes, you can claim GST input by ensuring that your GST no. is mentioned in the invoice generated.

12.Do you have return policy?

No, we do not have any return policy or refund policy.

13. Do you produce labels/stickers?

No, we do not produce labels or stickers. Instead we provide customize printing options. For custom printing please contact Us