Spices Packaging

  • Stand up Zipper

  • Minimum Order 500pcs

  • Bulk Discounts Available-Wholesale Prices

  • No Cylinder Cost

  • Dispatch within 24 hrs

  • Multiple and Secure Payment Options

Stand-up zipper pouches provide an airtight seal that helps preserve the freshness, aroma and exquisite flavour of spices, contributing to an extended shelf life.

Our stand-up pouches boast top-tier quality with food-grade materials, a convenient tear notch for easy access, a leak proof- design for mess-free storage, UV ray protection and the added benefit of being heat sealable – all while standing proudly on your shelf.

The zipper closure allows consumers to reseal the pouch after each use, maintaining the quality of the contents over an extended period.

Preserve the flavour of your favourite herbs and spices with our top-notch Premium Spice Packaging. Our innovative Zip Lock Bags for Spices not only make storage convenient but also ensure reliable Moisture Barrier Seasoning Packaging.

Their lightweight and flexible nature also makes them convenient for storage and transport. Overall, stand-up pouches offer a cost-effective and practical solution

Here are some examples of how you can brand and enhance your packaging using our diverse range of coloured stock pouches with labels and applying stickers

Seal The Pouches Professionally: Complete Tutorial On How to Seal Stand Up Zipper Pouch.